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Welcome to the exiflow project! Exiflow is three things at once:

The exiflow software Contributions to other projects Notes about other software
A set of tools (command line and GUI) to provide a complete digital photo workflow for Unixes. EXIF headers are used as the central information repository, so users may change their software at any time without loosing their data.

Read about the "why" and "how" in the Description of exiflow.

Since our own software project does it's job very well and doesn't eat up all of our time anymore, we contribute extensions and bugfixes to other projects.

In detail, we wrote some extensions for F-Spot and are monitoring F-Spot's bugtracker for things we can do.

We write down some workflow related notes about the software we use.


New F-Spot extensions compiled for F-Spot 0.8 are available through the repository.
Exiflow is soon to be delivered through a PPA for the Ubuntu user's conveniance. We also plan to release a .deb for the F-Spot extensions to take the burden of using the Mono addin manager from our users (and ourselves).
The Exiflow PPA is ready and currently contains Exiflow packages both for Lucid and Maverick.
The PPA URL has changed while transforming into to a team PPA that now contains packages for Karmic, Lucid and Maverick.
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